Peanut Butter is one of my favorite things in the world.   Therefore it’s no surprise that this guy to the left is one of my favorite treats.  Peanut Butter Cups might look hard to make, but truthfully, this was one of the easiest desserts I’ve made in quite some time. The assembly time is super fast! Enjoy and be sure to cast in your vote for my next dessert on my Facebook Fan Page ♥ See Link ->

The pieces for this Reeses Makes 12

2 c. Milk Chocolate Chips
1/3 c. Honey Graham Crackers
1/2 c. Confectioners Sugar
1/4 c. Butter
1/4 c. Peanut Butter
2 Tbsp Vegetable Shortening


Can’t Stop @ Just One
Note: Don’t get threatened at Step 3 It’s not that difficult!

(1) Place mini paper cups in a mini muffin pan and spray with pam.  You can put them in a regular muffin pan if you don’t have a mini one, but you’re not going to have as good stability.

(2) Create a double broiler by heating up water in a small pot, once boiling place a heatproof bowl on top.  Place the chocolate chips and shortening in the bowl.  Stir frequently until completely melted. Keep the pot on the stove and re heat the water for step 4.

(3) Using a food brush, brush the melted chocolate inside the mini muffin paper cups, make sure  every nook is covered with chocolate.  Be generous here-you’re essentially making the crust of the PB cup.  Place a small spoonful on the bottom and spread evenly so you get that perfect bottom. Place in fridge until chocolate fully hardens. Set left over chocolate aside for step 6.


(4) Turn off the heat on the stove. Grab another heat-proof bowl and place peanut butter and butter inside.  Stir occasionally until both are fully melted and mixed. When done, take bowl off the heat and re-boil the pot for step 6.


(5) Add confectioners sugar and crushed graham crackers to the peanut butter mixture.  Mix until well incorporated. Spoon and press down peanut butter into hardened  chocolate cups leaving some room on the top for the chocolate topping.  Try to get a leveled layer of peanut butter  so your cups stay flat on top. You might have peanut butter left over.


(6) Turn off boiling water and place the set aside melted chocolate from step 1 on top of the water to re-smooth.  Once ready brush chocolate on the top of cups closing the peanut butter cup fully in chocolate. Place in fridge until completely hardened.



(7) Once hardened peel off paper from cups, the first  tear might be tough-but once you get the first tear its easy to pull off.

(8) Take a bite & Enjoy!! 5 out of 5 who tried them said they tasted better than the real thing-you decide!