I made this cake for my nephews birthday.  I can’t believe I’ve been an aunt for 11 years already!  He loves anything apple related (the company not the fruit unfortunately) and personally requested I make his cake this year.  I knew I couldn’t disappoint.  Because the apps themselves took awhile to decorate the frosting and cake mix is store bought from a bake shop near my house that makes their owns frostings/cake mixes.

The inside of the cake is a double chocolate.  I made the cake, cooled and set aside for later.

I created the apps out of this square muffin pan that has slots shaped like apps. I filled them up halfway and once cooled flipped them over and worked on their bottoms for a straight surface.

I next created the apps.  I suggest creating a work station with tons of butcher paper under you so you don’t make a huge mess. The apps are: (in order from right to left) mail, google maps, camera, weather, ipod, clock, calculator, notepad, phone, facebook app, and sms/text center.

Lastly, I  covered the base of the cake with black frosting which I made out of butter-cream chocolate frosting and black food coloring. I then placed the apps on top and creating small cuts on the top and bottom as the on/off and navigation button.

Tech fans & Foodies Rejoice! Happy Birthday Daniel!