Here’s a fun spring recipe my niece & I just made during a bake day.  These lemon bars just scream Spring Fever…Made from lemons right off my tree, these bars never tasted better!


(1) Package Store Bought  sugar cookie dough (aim for around 20 oz or whatever will fill up your cake pan, you can substitute your favorite sugar cookie recipe here )
(4) Eggs
(2 1/4) c. Sugar
(4) Lemons
(3) Tbsp. Flour
(3) Tbsp. Heavy Cream
(1/4) c. Powder Sugar and some extra for dusting

Directions Oven @ 350

(1) Line a cake pan with parchment paper and spray with non stick spray.  Take cookie dough out of package and spread evenly in the pan.  Using your hands dig your fingers into the dough to create pockets in the crust for extra lemon flavor. Bake for 8 minutes or until the crust looks half way baked.

(2) Combine eggs, sugars, cream, and flour and mix until well incorporated.

(3) Wash lemons well and zest  four of the lemons with a microplane or zester.

(4) Cut all five lemons in half and squeeze juice into the mix, watch out for the pits!

(5) Pour the lemon mixture over the half baked cookie dough and put back in the oven for 25 minutes or until the lemon mixture has fully hardened.

(6) Take out of the oven and dust extra powder sugar on top.  Next, let the bars cool down then place in the fridge for two hours.  Once fully cooled take out of the fridge, take off the parchment paper, and cut into 16 bars!

Happy Spring 🙂