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Homemade Apricot Jam

So…My dad has been making jam since I can remember. Nothing tastes better on a slice of fresh bread than this. I’ve been asking him for months now to make jam w/ me for my blog and we finally did it! The recipe is so simple-just takes a couple of hours and a little attention.  So if you’re home on a Saturday night- knock yourself out. Hope you enjoy!

Be sure to check out the link @ the end of this post with an older recipe of mine that contains jam if you’re looking to make a dessert with some of this homemade jam. Ciao!


(1) pound Apricot
(3) c. Sugar (it’s a 1:3 ratio so feel free to make as much as you’d like) 


(1) Wash Apricots & Completely Let Them Dry Out- They're Can't Be a Drop of Water!

(2) Find the Slit Around the Apricot & Cut All Around.

(3) Twist The Apricot Firmly w/ Your Hands, Cutting The Apricot in Half, Take Out The Pit, Set Aside & Repeat.

(4) In a Medium Sized Pot Throw in Apricots & Sugar, Cover & Set on Lowest Possible Heat and Stir. You Want To Be Stirring The Mixture Every 12-15 Minutes.

Time: 30 Minutes, Sugar Starting to Melt.

60 minutes

Time: 90 Minutes, Sugar Completely Melted and Turned into Liquid.

90 Minutes- Water Should Be A Little High At This Point-Boil Mixture and Then Reduce Heat To Get Rid of Excess Liquid

Time: 2 Hours, Turn Off Heat & Let Jam Cool

When Completely Cooled, Place Jam In Empty Jars, Place In Fridge & Enjoy!

Use The Jam As The Jam Layer For This Great Marmalade Bar Recipe! Click The Pic For The Recipe!!


Hi there!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I’m back from my baking hiatus!  Here’s a great cookie recipe for all my chewy cookie recipe lovers. I made these recently for Mother’s Day, they’re were such a hit!  Hope you enjoy!

Ingredients :(Makes 48 medium sized toffee cookies (cut the recipe exactly in half if you want to make 24)

(4 1/2) c. Flour
(4) eggs
(2) tsp. Vanilla
(1 1/2) c. Sugar **Plus some extra for sprinkling
(1/2) c.  Light Brown Sugar
(1) c. Butter, Unsalted, Melted
(1) tsp. Baking Soda
(20) oz. Heath Bar Chocolate Candies
Pinch of salt

Directions: Oven @ 350

(1) Throw health bars in a food processor, grind them down until they look like this ->
Transfer the candies into a second large bowl and add flour & baking soda

(2) In the same food processor, no need to wash again, add the sugars, butter, vanilla, and salt

(3) Combine the two batters together in the large bowl.  Finally add the eggs and mix until well incorporated. You always want to treat your eggs w/ the most care when you bake-think of them like you would your grandma 😉 

(4) Scoop out a generous tablespoon full of dough, roll into a ball and place on a cookie sheet lined w/ parchment paper.  A regular sized cookie sheet should hold 12 cookies, make sure they are spread 1 1/2 to 2 inches apart. Place in the oven for about 11 minutes.

 The key here is to take them out when they look almost done because they will continue to cook and harden when you take them out.  I usually judge it by when they look ready but feel slightly raw.

(5) Taken them out and sprinkle with a little sugar when they’re hot, let cool and serve!

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