Homemade Apricot Jam

So…My dad has been making jam since I can remember. Nothing tastes better on a slice of fresh bread than this. I’ve been asking him for months now to make jam w/ me for my blog and we finally did it! The recipe is so simple-just takes a couple of hours and a little attention.  So if you’re home on a Saturday night- knock yourself out. Hope you enjoy!

Be sure to check out the link @ the end of this post with an older recipe of mine that contains jam if you’re looking to make a dessert with some of this homemade jam. Ciao!


(1) pound Apricot
(3) c. Sugar (it’s a 1:3 ratio so feel free to make as much as you’d like) 


(1) Wash Apricots & Completely Let Them Dry Out- They're Can't Be a Drop of Water!

(2) Find the Slit Around the Apricot & Cut All Around.

(3) Twist The Apricot Firmly w/ Your Hands, Cutting The Apricot in Half, Take Out The Pit, Set Aside & Repeat.

(4) In a Medium Sized Pot Throw in Apricots & Sugar, Cover & Set on Lowest Possible Heat and Stir. You Want To Be Stirring The Mixture Every 12-15 Minutes.

Time: 30 Minutes, Sugar Starting to Melt.

60 minutes

Time: 90 Minutes, Sugar Completely Melted and Turned into Liquid.

90 Minutes- Water Should Be A Little High At This Point-Boil Mixture and Then Reduce Heat To Get Rid of Excess Liquid

Time: 2 Hours, Turn Off Heat & Let Jam Cool

When Completely Cooled, Place Jam In Empty Jars, Place In Fridge & Enjoy!

Use The Jam As The Jam Layer For This Great Marmalade Bar Recipe! Click The Pic For The Recipe!!