This is the perfect summer treat. There’s nothing better then getting to make your summer dessert on the grill, letting friends & family get in on the fun.  You can substitute the peaches w/ pineapple or any sort of fruit that you think will grill up nicely and carmalize.  Also feel free to switch up the ice cream with any flavor you like. …vanilla bean just goes perfectly! This tastes like peach pie in a cup! Check out the recipe below 🙂 Happy Grilling!



Ingredients (Makes 12 desserts)

(1) Pint vanilla bean ice cream
(6) Peaches
(1/3) c. Good quality balsamic vinegar (I used fig vinegar I bought on a recent trip in Santa. Ynez, CA )
(10) Shortbread Cookies
(1/4) c. Light Brown Sugar
(1/2) tsp. Ground cinnamon
(12) Nilla Waffers
(12) 8-10 oz. clear cups
(2) tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pinch of salt

Cut 6 Peaches in Half and Remove Pit

Pour Olive Oil, Vinegar, & Salt over the Peaches and Brush all over with a Food Brush

Spread out an Inch Apart on Hot Grill

Grill Until Peaches Completely Carmalized and you get Those Nice Grill Marks

Crush Shortbread Cookies & Combine with Cinnamon & Brown Sugar (Crush by hand or in Food Processor)

Using an Ice Cream Scooper, Scoop 1 Spoon of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream @ Bottom of Cup, Place Grilled Peach on the side, Sprinkle Cookie Crumble on Top, and Stick Nilla Waffer on Side in Ice Cream



Through a Spoon in & Serve-Doesn't it Taste Like Peach Pie!!!

Through a Spoon in & Serve-Doesn't it Taste Like Peach Pie!!!