For the last few months I’ve been really into jars. My house is covered with all different kinds of jars with all different kinds of things inside. Mason jars are super cheap and come in all different sizes. They’re great for preserving food because the lid seals 2 ways and is super tight. I know you might be looking at this dessert and think to yourself “what is that?” or “that’s kinda awkward?!” but I one scoop and you’ll be sold. I made it for my family for dinner the other night and it was certainly a hit. Hope you enjoy 🙂

You’ll need:
12 pint sized mason jars
(1) pint french vanilla ice cream
(1/2) c. caramel
(1/4) c. honey
Apple Mixture:
(5) granny smith apples
(1) tbsp. nutmeg
(2) tbsp. cinnnamon
(2) tbsp. sugar
Cookie Crumble Mixture:
(2) c. Flour
(2 1/2) c. Light Brown Sugar
(1) c. Butter or Margarine
(3) tsp. Cinnamon
(1/2) c. nuts of your choice-optional

(1) Cut, core, wash, and peel apples. In a medium size pan, over medium heat, heat up the oil. Throw the apples in, coat with oil. add a pinch of salt,, and cover. Gently stir the apples every 2 minutes until they're cooked through. Finally add sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Mix thoroughly & refrigerate for one hour or until cool.

Combine Brown Sugar, Flour, & Butter. Mix until you get a sandy cookie crumble like texture. Do not overmix but make sure you incorporate all the ingredients well. This way you'll get the perfect taste/texture. Once combined try it and make sure it tastes good you may have to add some more flour to get it to your taste. Nuts are optional. Refrigerate until the apples are ready.

Meanwhile wash and dry 12 pint sized mason jars. You can use any mason jars you have lying around as long as they're small enough. You can find these anywhere, I got mine from Target for about 5 bucks. What a deal. Side note: you can use mason jars in the future to store jams, drinks, syrups, candy etc. They're really handy and a great cheap investment 🙂

Layer 1: Spoon 2 Tablespoons of the cookie crumble on the bottom of each jar.

Layer 2: Spoon in 2 generous tablespoons of the vanilla ice cream. Press down a bit lightly.

Layer 3: add 1 tbsp of caramel in the center and 1 tsp of honey around the circle

Layer 4: (Last Layer) Cover the top with 2 tbsp of the cookie crumble

Close tight with lid cover and sealer. Place in refrigerator for 30 minutes or until ready to serve.

Give everyone a spoon and serve. You can even tie a spoon around the lid if you want to get creative!