You can use any kind of dried fruit, nuts, and jams/pastes.  You just want to make sure your plate has a lot of options and a nice blend of flavors.  When picking cheeses  have a good balance, so everyone is happy.  Try to go for some whites and some yellow or whatever looks good that day at the store.  I always have brie, goat, and blue cheese because I find they go quick when serving.


Try a traditional wooden board for a more rustic feel. You can find them anywhere these days. You can always go for a  marble board, but those don’t give off such a warm feel. 
Cheese cutters-  CB2
For the set of 3:


For the oversize cutter:  
Small Bowls- Anthropologie
They come in every color-
Wooden Spoons-Anthropologie
So rustic looking and reusable-